This blog is about my love of music from all over Africa. Each post I will highlight a record that I enjoy, give a bit of historical and personal background, and post a recording of the song. I will try to update the blog regularly depending on when time permits and also include some nice cover/label scans.

Most of the music posted on this blog is recorded from my own copies of vinyl/cassette. I will try to get the best sound out of the source, but bear in mind that many records are poor pressings and/or in less than great condition. Most of the tracks are not available in any other format due to rarity, age and being out of print. If for any reason you want a track removed because you are the copyright owner please contact me and I will look into this.


DJ Obruni


7 thoughts on “About

  1. great blog. I love the music of africa, but prefer ethiopian music. great post about muluken. can you reup the tracks? I posted some music of Muluken too, and found a lot of interesting stuff on the net.

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