Across the Ocean


For this post I have decided to focus on the Caribbean, and more particularly Guadalupe. The music of this island in the French Antilles is rich and varied with folkloric music such as Biguine vidé, Gwo Ka as well as more popular music with roots in Haitian Kompas, including Cadence and Zouk.

I first came across Sartana Sinitambi when Sofrito featured Information Par Le Mistral on their International Soundclash LP. Sartana started off recording music in the 80s with his band Mistral and went on to release several Zouk hits in the latter part of the 80s and early 90s.

Today’s track is from his 1980 LP, Mecage Douvan Komansse Touche. It’s a real party tune featuring Sartana’s hypnotic vocals inter-playing with the backing singers. The track shifts dramatically midway through. Play loud on hot summer nights!

Lutte = Faculte Combative De L’Esprit

Record details:

Sartana Et Son Groupe Mistral ‎– Mecage Douvan Komansse Touche – Sartan’n Son ‎(GP 4003) – 1980

Arrival in Angola

img_2135Akwasi Beats is back again after a long hiatus. What better place to start than in Angola. Analog Africa have released a few wonderful compilations that are highly recommended tracking down for an entry point into the sounds of Lusophone Africa.

África Tentação (African Temptation) was set up in 1977 by José Paulo Serrao and Joka Serrao. The group’s aim was to introduce a Portuguese audience to the music of Angola; more particularly the sounds of Bailundo, a municipality in the centre of the country. The band were made up of Henrique (drums), Mario Bernardo “Sofia” (Voice, Percussion and Trumpet), Freitas (drums), Joe Mitchell (Bass), Joka (rhythm guitar), Zé Paulo (guitar), Botto (keyboard), Jaime Inácio “Bolinhas” (Congas), Nelo Carvalho (vocals and guitar), Nelson (guitar) and Nando Quental (Vocals).

The band recorded 5 LPs from the late 1970s to early 1980s:

Ufeku Ndalota La Do Si Discos (780320) 1978
Angola ’79 La Do Si Discos (790532) 1979
Mulher De Angola Arsom Records (801008) 1980
Quando Fui A Benguela Arsom Records (830423) 1983
Kissange -Saudade Negra Arsom Records (860633) 1986

The two tracks I have selected are from their 1980 release Mulher de Angola


Maria Nao Tem Vesido

Update –  The translation to Maria is as follows:

Maria wants to go out
She has nothing to wear
She’s no longer got any money
To buy anything at all
She wants to sell her wares
But she has no corn, no beans
Maria wants to go out
It weighs heavy on her heart
Along comes someone
Along comes temptation
Africa temptation (i.e. the band’s name)
Africa temptation…
Thanks to Sarah Baily for the translation