A Journey Across Africa

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. Here’s a mix I did a while ago that I hope will make your day a little bit more special. Some Congolese Soukous, Ghanaian Highlife, Nigerian Funk and Joromi music.

Sit back, kick off those shoes, pour yourself something cold and turn this up loud!


3 thoughts on “A Journey Across Africa

  1. I just landed on your blog somehow… Great stuff, thanks for posting this! That first track is a total killer. Also, could you tell me what’s the track from 21′ to 25′? Cheers from France, and keep going!

    • Always good to hear from people that enjoy the music. The first track is by Franco and OK Jazz, it is called Kinsiona. They are one of the greatest Congolese bands. I will be posting about Franco and the band very shortly, so watch this space

      The track at 21mins is by one of my personal favourite, Ghanaian bands called Vis a Vis, I have written a separate post on the blog about this band and song.

      What music do you like? Please keep following the blog (I update it regularly), it means a lot when the music brings as much pleasure to others as it does to me.

      DJ Obruni

      • Hi! Thanks for the information, i ended up finding the Franco and OK Jazz song thanks to Shazam (which can be pretty useful at times…). I’ve been playing these two tracks over and over again since lat night 🙂

        I mostly listen to jazz, a fair bit of hip hop, funk and soul. A far as african music is concerned, I do love Afrobeat and Ehtiojazz, although I’m still very much uninitiated in those styles (basically Fela and his sons, Tony Allen, Ebo Taylor, Mulatu, The Ghana Soundz and Ethiopiques collections…). I read, in another of your posts, about the Ghana Special compilation, I’ll check it out right away!

        You may already know about it, but if not, here’s a blog you should like:
        This guy posts some pretty heavy stuff, and some nice pictures.

        Thanks again, I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog!


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