Priceless Love

Staying in Mali and Ivory Coast today. Leon Keita released two LPs, both untitled. The first record, showing Keita sitting cross-legged and bordered in turquoise, came out in 1978 and featured vocals of Salif Keita on a couple of tracks. A year or two later, so we are looking at late 70’s, his second and arguably stronger album was released, showing Leon framed in purple standing, flashing a peace sign. Both records were released on Leon Keita’s own Ivory Coast based, Disco-Papa label, which also released records by Pierre Antoine and Kambou Clement.

The selection from today, L’amour Ne S’achete Pas, “Love Cannot be Bought”, starts as typical Madingo music, in the Griot traditional of this region, but then descends into pure Afro Funk with trumpets, and an amazing organ solo. The effect is jaw dropping and a total departure from how the song started.

[audio]L’amour Ne S’achete Pas

Record Details:
Leon Keïta – Untitled (197?) – Papa-Disco (Disco 018)

Leon1 leon2leon3leon4

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