School’s Out

Cissé Abdoulaye was born in Burkina Faso, completed his schooling and trained to become a teacher. However, music had always been his first love despite his family’s objections that it was affecting his studies as he grew up. His persistence paid off and he went to Benin, the tiny West African country infamous for Voudun and incredible music that defies it’s size, to record and tour.

This is one instance that we can be grateful that he did the right thing and ignored the pleas of his parents, as the music he has recorded is incredible and unsurprisingly his obvious talent brought his parents around.

Today’s track is from the album recorded with his band The Vautours. Sometimes it is best to let the music speak for itself.

Remember kids – study hard!

For an in depth interview with Abdoulaye, that it seemed pointless to replicate and regurgitate in this post, please see here – translated from

Aw’ Ye Dolibe Ke

Record Details:

Cissé Abdoulaye – Les Vautours (1978) – Disques Tropiques Editions Satel (SAT LP 168)

Cisse1 Cisse2 Cisse3Cisse4

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