Take Time

Last post I chose a deep track by Vis a Vis, which I hope was enjoyable. Today I want to show the diversity of Highlife as a style. Despite both tracks coming from Ghana and being classed as Highlife they are very different in sound but still contain all the essential ingredients, that when mixed together, make a very tasty dish; the arpeggiated guitars and driving percussion that force you to jump up and dance.

Okukuseku International Band of Ghana & Chief Sammy Kofi provide the infectious sounds today. This was the first African record I bought and is Ghanaian music at its most vibrant, like the Ghanaians, it encompasses a love of life that cannot help but move you and your feet.

Sammy Kofi is a popular legend within Ghana and set up several other bands, E.K Nyame No.1 Band and Dr. K. Gyasi’s Noble Kings, before Okukuseku. His vocals and belly laughter on this track really move things along nicely, the message is to Take Time for your life, forget about tomorrow and everything will be fine.

A very good outlook on life, especially for Monday, we all would do well to follow!

Record Details:

Okukuseku International Band of Ghana (Led by Chief Sammy Kofi) – Take Time (1982) – Roger All Stars (RASLPS 030)

Kofi Sammy Kofi Sammy2 label label2

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