Highlife Time!

Now comes the time to get deep and serious. Ghanaian Highlife was my starting point into African music and probably still is what I consider the pinicle of all the African music I have heard. It blends African rhythms with Jazz, that was brought to Ghana, by early sailors and traders.

As I mentioned in my first post I was blown away by a compilation put out by Soundway Records, called Ghana Special, which was what started this love affair. The labels creator, Miles Cleret, put out the record, plus two others, Ghana Soundz 1 & 2, after a trip he made to Ghana, deciding to create Soundway to make compilations of all the records he found during this trip. These compilations are highly recommended and  were for me a great introduction to Ghanaian music.

After hearing the records and in particular a track by K. Frimpong, plus reading a lot about the country, I decided to book myself a 3 week trip to Ghana. One of my fondest memories of that trip was drinking Guiness and listening to these records on a 6 hour bus journey from the capital, Accra, to Hohe in the Volta region. It was a great trip and my first step into Africa, so I will always remember it happily.

The song featured in today’s post is by a band that played regularly with K Frimpong called Vis a Vis. The song is deep, melancholy, and the synth is trademark Vis a Vis. The cover is great too, in typical two colour style of many of the LPs of the time.

Grab a beer, sit back and enjoy!

Record Details:

Vis a Vis – Highlife Time, Owo Bieya (197?) – A.D. Records (XLP004)

2013-03-15 13.54.03 2013-03-15 13.54.15 2013-03-15 13.54.43 2013-03-15 13.55.15

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